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The Dream Big Book Tour and Giveaway!

27th May 2012

I was so flattered when Heather Boersma asked me to review her book and do a giveaway!

Heather’s blog was the first blog that I just stumbled onto
when I started reading blogs and kept going back for more.
Heather is SO encouraging. Her love for the Lord is evident throughout her blog and the message she sends.
Not only is Heather a blogger, she’s a wife, mommy, author and speaker.
If you’re like me and in need of a soul revival, a reminder of your purpose, and renewal of faith.
Dream Big is the book for you!
What I love about Dream Big is that Heather breaks the book into three sections:
God’s dream for the world, God’s dream for you and Unlocking your dream.
Heather encourages you to read the Bible along with the book and she gives you the verses that correlates with the chapter to help you deepen your relationship with the Lord.
I’m so excited about this book because Heather desires for us to hear God’s truth straight from His word
- she’s not going to just tell us what she thinks or suggests like many Christian authors do.
Heather encourages us to dig right into His word.
That’s the type of encouragement I need to draw closer to the Lord!
Are you interested in getting your hands on Dream Big? You can order a copy of Dream Big here.
Would you like to win a digital copy of the book?
Heather is giving away one digital copy of Dream Big to one of my readers!
Leave a comment below as to why you want to read the book (it doesn’t have to be long) and
you’ll be entered to win!

Good Luck!

8 comments on “The Dream Big Book Tour and Giveaway!

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    • Dear Rebecca, I have heard some of your poems in the chicken soup for the soul sriees. I love them i just dont know how to find the If roses can be poem. It was my favirite i was wondering if you could post it so i can print it one time. Its okay if you cant Your truly The girl who loves your poems

  2. Jen Nelson on said:

    Hi Melanie!
    First off, I want to tell what a great job you are doing with your blog! I enjoy keeping up with the Cantelmos :)

    Second, I would like to enter the contest.

    I would be interested in reading this book because, as many stay-at-home moms may feel, I am at the stage where I feel I have lost myself. When I was in high school I never had a clear picture of my future. I just wanted it all. I wanted to graduate from college, have a successful career, get married, and have three children. Well when the time came college was a mess, I was in and out and changed my major constantly. Then I met Bryan (my husband) and we had three beautiful children. Now I am trying to find myself again. I am back in college and scheduled to graduate next year, but I am still floundering with trying to figure out what I want to do with that degree. A passion of mine has been to create. I have always been complimented on my design work and crafts, but I am discourage to turning it into a business. I am trying to figure out if I can balance my passion with practicality or if I need to just do it and maybe this book can help me out.


    • I went & entered thkans so much! I guess it’s just one entry per person as it didn’t say! I have a $30 Kroger gift card thru 6/16/10 if you have time to visit. I need more followers!

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